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About Us

We are proud to call beautiful Gisborne our home. Gisborne offers some excellent surfing conditions all year around and has a variety of stunning beaches within a short driving distance. Surfers can enjoy a choice of different surf breaks, from safe sand bottom beach breaks to reef and point breaks, here in Gizzy. 

We are a mobile Surf coaching business as we pick the most suitable spot to surf for the day depending on conditions and the ability levels of our guests. 
Our most common spot to surf is in Gizzy Town at Roberts Road (or Oneroa carpark 100m from Roberts Road towards Waikanae) which is a beach break and offers most summer days excellent conditions for beginners and those who want to progress their surfing. 

Further we go to Gizzy Pipe, Northern Makorori or Wainui for our sessions.


Meet the Team

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Sarah has been growing up far away from the sea but luckily there was mountains with snow in the area where she grew up in. At a young age Sarah started skiing on a professional level, after she decided to quit this career she fell in love with snowboarding. Finishing of her University studies in sports- and outdoor education she decided to follow her dream and share the love for snowboarding while trying to make up for the lack of ocean she had earlier in her life. Sarah chased winters teaching Snowboarding and Skiing between New Zealand and Europe for a while. Since 6 years Sarah has been enjoying coaching surfing in Gisborne and is stoked to fulfill the dream of having her own Surf coaching business.



Big shout out to Frank for putting years of sweat into living his dream of sharing the stoke for surfing and gaining himself an outstanding reputation with Surfing with Frank.

He has been an asset to Gisborne as a basketball coach and PE teacher on Gisbornes High School. Surfing with Sarah gets massively supported by him.

After retiring from running SWF, we are glad that he is still down on the beach with us to continue sharing his Aloha spirits. Now he deserves to catch up on the waves he missed over the years and to spend more time with his family!

Good on ya Frank!




Benni our second Legend :)!

When you see him out there surfing you would think he is still in his twenties when he was charging big waves all over the world. As one of the pioneers of surfing in Hawai, Benni has gone through the whole development of surfing.

Hit him up for a chat about his legendary achievements and find out how big wave Ben can stay forever young. Benni leads our Kids Club progression Squad and gets our local rippers into some epic waves.



Henry has been growing up in Whangarei and got into surfing on Northlands beaches when he was very young. When the surf wasn't pumping you could find him skateboarding the skateparks all over NZ. He found a passion in sharing his stoke for surfing running a Surf School up in Whangarei for a few years. But after all Henry wanted to get out to surf world class waves every day, so he landed in Fiji where he was involved into the surf industry with boat charters to breaks, Surf guiding, Surf coaching etc. Since 2017 he made the dream real and started Rendezvous Surf Camp in Fiji (check it out) 10 mins away from Cloudbreak.

... we have more fantastic coaches and helpers putting their energy into providing our surfers with epic times.

High five to you all!!!

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