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School Groups


No one orchestrates a big group lesson better than Surfing with Sarah . The team consisting of Sarah with the background of studies in outdoor education and years of experience in instructing and coaching Snowsports and surfing to various schools and Frank with his PE teaching background and numerous years of running excellent school surf sessions. Sarah and her Team knows how to engage and motivate young people in mass, that's for certain.

Surfing with Sarah has the boards, wetsuits, enthusiasm and most importantly the expertise, ensuring that all go home with a surfing experience to beam about.

Water safety, ocean awareness and sharing the aloha spirit is what a school group/learn to surf lesson is all about.


“Thank you so much to you and your team my kids just absolutely loved it as did my staff everyone was on a major buzz about it and
the parents were so proud and stoked. Honestly GREAT day”. ~ C. | email.


We know that every school group is unique and has its own expectations and requirements.  Please contact us to discuss how we can make your next school excursion a rewarding and resounding success.

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